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If you are a property owner, then you need to know that more than 74% of the Arkansas Construction Liens filed in the State of Arkansas are not done correctly. In order for an Arkansas Construction Lien to be legally valid there are numerous steps involved and each of these must be strictly complied with according to Arkansas law or the Lien may be rendered a nullity (VOID) by the court and an Order could be filed by the judge that discharges the lien without the property owner paying any amount of money to the contractor.  The improper filing of an Arkansas Construction Lien could also result in the contractor not only losing the lien claim but also allow the property owner to make a claim against the contractor for "TRIPLE DAMAGES" for the cost to remove the invalid  Arkansas Construction Lien under a claim of "Slander of Title".

You need to make sure that you engage a lawyer who regularly deals with the Arkansas Construction Lien process to assure that you preserve all of your property rights (whether you are a property owner or a contractor) under Arkansas law.